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Choosing the Best Mango Wood Desk

Buying a product is always a big decision, but even bigger if you are upgrading to a home office. The difference becomes stark when it becomes apparent which features are integral to your day-to-day functionality – especially when purchasing something like a desk. Read on for seven things to ponder when shopping for the best mango wood desk for your needs!

What are the Benefits of Mango Wood Furniture?

Mango wood furniture is eco-friendly, sustainable, sturdy, dimensionally stable, gorgeous, resistant to rot and decay, non-toxic – making it safe for use in an environment around children or pets – plus it’s very dense. Since a high amount of natural resin is present, the paint will not easily go into the wood grain.

How can I keep my Mango Wood Furniture from being destroyed by bugs?

Mango wood is generally insect-free. If you have a problem with termites or ants, one of the most important things to do is to make sure your wood is protected with furniture polish, sealers, or topcoats.

Pros and Cons of Mango Wood Furnishings

Mango wood provides exceptional hardness, strength, and durability. This makes it perfect for marine or RV furnishings, but not the best option for desks that are made to take a lot of weight. The lifespan of mango wood furniture can also be shorter than many other hardwoods because natural oils leave the product vulnerable to scratches and other marks. Since it will need to be oiled regularly, this causes more care than other types of wood.

A veneer is a very popular option for those that want furniture that looks like Brazilian cherry or African walnut, but does not want to deal with the natural oils, long-term hardness and structural weaknesses, or costly feedstocks. Mango wood comes in different grain patterns for creating unique looks.

Mango wood is warm, soft, with varying selections of color with nice graining. It is a warm tonewood, but it is not as bright as contrast with warm walnut and cherry and it has a unique even gradient tone. It is used for accent woods or can be used to give wood veneers a warmer and richer appearance. This material is recommended for medium to light value surfaces and can be used in a blend or solid wood applications. We think it is more of an accent and not a primary extract of the home. It is also used for lamps, utility goods, toys, and fishing gear.

How Much is a Mango Desk?

The cost of a mango wood desk will vary based on what size you need and the quality. For example, desks made from real mango wood can be quite expensive as this is a time-consuming process that only craftsmen with skillful hands are able to do. However, you can also get very basic mango wood desks that are made using cheaper materials. These are no doubt more affordable but will probably not be that sturdy or attractive. Cheap mango desks are also flimsy and aren’t able to withstand lots of usages.

A mango wood desk is generally made from hardwood, which is a tropical evergreen belonging to the Mulberry family. They take at least 8 months to mature and originate from Western Asia. The one notable characteristic of your home office is that you are probably well versed when it comes to searching for one in stores, however considering exactly what you’d like to come with. Many people just order an “off the rack” piece of furniture without really needing something that is designed for command desk layout, and they do not get what they were envisioning when it arrived. Now that you know a little more about just what you wish to acquire, you are in a better posture to shop for the correct furniture online.

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Choosing the best wood desk is not an easy task – there are many different factors that are important to take into account. However, by considering the key criteria of price, brand, color, design, and drawing board size, you can narrow down your search process tremendously. You also want to make sure you measure your current space before choosing a new desk because some desks are built smaller or larger to accommodate people with different needs.

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